Swara Yoga - The Art Of Breathing

Swarayoga is a unique course which deals with the breathing, in this class we will teach you how to align with the Tao of life and achieve many things easily without any difficulties. In this course you will learn about Swarayoga , how to predict the journey of an person, how to predict the death & sickness of a person, How to predict gender of an unborn child, how to predict whether an action or an event will happen or not , how to predict your day, week, month, year and many other more.. buy this course and learn now....

Course Access : Lifetime
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Course Access : Lifetime
Instructors : 1
Videos : 19
Languages : English

What you'll Get

  • For alignment of breath - the vital force of our life.
  • To complete a task smoothly without any obstacles
  • To have a successful day
  • To take best decisions
  • For attraction and manifestation
  • For predicting longevity & death
  • For success in sales and marketing
  • For success in client meet
  • For success in examination
  • For recovery of health problems
  • For success in conception of children
  • For harmony in house
  • For success and safe travel


  • An open mind with interest to learn psychic techniques and some paper & pen


What is Swara Yoga ? 

Swarayoga is a unique course which deals with the breathing, the very essence of life and the ways to use that very breathing to align your life and make it better. Many people have confusions of how to handle life, fears of how to deal with situations and the terrible confusion when it comes to decision making. But many few known that all you need to have is the right breath to make all the decisions you need to make., and to succeed in whatever you do. This course just needs you to learn the movements of moon and how it changes the breath every hour. Thus this course helps you to align and make your life better and its not just our mind but our breath that helps you to grow and succeed.

" It is said that swaram parthavam param paarpaan " - which means one who practices swara yoga everyday can even reach god.

What is this course about ?

  • This course helps you to maintain the balance of the swara and helps to achieve things even more faster.
  • This course helps you to predict whether the travel or meeting a person will come good or bad.
  • This course helps you to understand the bad mood of other people and avoid any fights.
  • This course helps you with predicting the sickness , death, gender of an unborn baby, your crucial decisions.
  • This course acts as a strong parameter of the outcome of your decision if done by this class.

NOTE : With this course you can change your life totally 360 degree and you can achieve your desired things more faslty, you can even attract the partner you like , This is thought to very low people in the wisper tradition where a few will learn and in this video we have attached things and knowledge which will be helpful. 

How this course can be helpful ?

  1. With this course you can attract the most object or a person inside your life.
  2. With this course you can predict the other people's bad mood timings.
  3. You can also determine the gender of a baby
  4. You can take the best decisions
  5. You can have success in your conception
  6. You can have success in sales & marketing
  7. To complete your tasks without any obstacles
  8. For success in client meet
  9. To recover from health problems
  10. For harmony in office & house
  11. For safe & effective travel.
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